There are two main parts to this website:

1. Mental health diagnoses and treatment plans for characters from video games. 

2. Video game reviews, videos, screenshots, and music.


You can find your way around using the menu up above.  Games I recommend are in ALL CAPS.



For an introduction to the process of diagnosing a mental health issue, just click "HOW DIAGNOSIS WORKS" under the Diagnosis drop-down menu; same for treatment plans.  Unlike other websites that offer glib or uninformed opinions on the mental health of gaming's favorite characters, this website offers a thorough and professional analysis.  It's time someone took our heroes' mental health seriously and offered viable treatment!


As for the pages highlighting a video game with screenshots, videos, and/or music, I've added my own thoughts about the game as well.  This isn't a formal review - just my thoughts about the game generally.  Hopefully this will help you figure out if you want to play a particular game or, if you're an empathic person, it may help you better understand the gamer in your life.  


The PS4 videos are 720P.  The PS4 screenshots are either 1280x720 or 1920x1080.  The PS Vita screenshots are 960x544.  


Additional content is being added to the website all the time so come back and see what's new!  Use the Facebook box below for comments or suggestions - including characters you think could use some attention on this website.